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Using podman to run a postgresql server

I’m moving over to podman for containers where possible, because I like where the project is going. I have no specific objections to docker, and in fact use it for several of my own projects, but podman feels more kubernetes-ish to me somehow.

When I set up k3s, except for trivial instances, I generally use postgresql as the backend storage. Again, this is a personal preference, as I have a lot of experience with postgresql, and it’s the database I’m most comfortable using. But installing and maintaining postgresql can be a chore, and the project create a really great container that makes it easy to run. So I’ve decided to document how I use podman to create a postgres instance in this post.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


PASSWORD=$(date +%s | sha256sum | base64 | head -c 32 ; echo)
echo "${PASSWORD}" > ${CONTAINER_NAME}.pg-pw.txt

podman volume create ${VOLUME_NAME}
podman create 
        -v ${VOLUME_NAME}:/var/lib/postgresql/data 
        -e POSTGRES_DB=${DB_NAME} 
        -e POSTGRES_USER=${DB_USER} 
        -p 5432:${DB_PORT} 
        --restart on-failure 
        --name ${CONTAINER_NAME} 

podman generate systemd 

echo "Your db user password is ${PASSWORD}"